Saturday, November 06, 2004

100 Things About Me!

1. I was born in Escanaba, Michigan.
2. I am a Leo.
3. I'm deaf.
4. I have one older deaf sister.
5. I wear hearing aid.
7. I am good at lip reading.
8. I use sign languages to communicate.
9. My sister's and my birthdays are exactly one year and 9 days apart.
10. My family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin when I was 3 years old.
11. My parents are still living there.
12. My middle name is Roberts (my maiden name)
13. My first pet was a dog named Spot.
14. I taught myself how to knit from a book.
15. I also taught myself how to quilt, cross-stitch and paint from the books!
16. I'm obessed making something.
17. Making something makes me relax!
18. I am a Director of Campus Life at Gallaudet University.
19. I graduated from Gallaudet University 1n 1986.
20. I majored in Elementary Education and Psychology.
21. I moved to New York City after graduation.
22. I earned my Masters Degree in Deaf Education at New York University.
23. I taught 7th and 8th grades for two years.
24. I moved back to Washington, DC when I got engaged.
25. DH and I got married in 1989.
26. We have no children.
27. I work in Gallaudet University for 16 years.
28. Gallaudet University is only liberal arts college for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the world.
29. I love beer and wine.
30. I detest mixed drinks.
31. I love Starbucks coffee.
32. My second pet was a dog named Muffin (for a short time).
33. My third pet was a dog named Coco (for 14 wonderful years). I missed her lots.
34. I love to make primitive things.
35. I love to decorate holiday themes around the house.
36. I hate scary and violent movies.
37. I love romantic and comedy movies.
38. I have brown eyes.
39. I'm tall person.
40. I love licorices.
41. I love Molasses cookies.
42. My grandmother made the world best molasses cookies.
43. I knit and drive to work every morning.
44. Traffics in the morning are so miserable...that's why I knit!
45. I love collecting and making Santas.
46. I have over 150 Santas.
47. I love wearing pins.
48. I own over 100 pins!!!
49. Heart and Hand pins are my favorite.
50. I love green color.
51. I have wa-a-a-y too many yarns.
52. I keep buying and buying yarns.
53. I am a Yarn SNOB.
54. I love Noro, Colinette, Debbie Bliss, and Rowan yarns.
55. I have too many UFOs.
56. I start knitting last Febrary and am hooked ever since.
57. I have not make socks.
58. I will learn how to knit socks soon.
59. I own Honda CRV.
60. I love reading novels.
61. I love doing word games.... Scrabbles, word jumbles, tanglewords and boogles.
62. My DH grew up Topeka, Kansas.
63. My DH is deaf.
64. My DH is handyman....can fix around the house and cars!

To be continued.....


At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Susan it's me, Melissa. Love your blog. Reminds me I need to get around to finishing my 100 things list. How's Klaralund going? Chat soon.



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