Tuesday, March 01, 2005


* Long Blog Warning!!!!!*

I had so much fun in Rochester! I got back yesterday! It was so good to see my DH. I missed him dearly when I was gone for 6 nights.

I arrived in Rochester last Tuesday night. It was snowing hard and I was so happy that the trip was smooth. It was so good to see Sharon. We were up till 2 a.m. catching up the news.

I visited NTID and RIT to meet Residence Life team and Student Development team. The staff were so friendly! I learned so much from their programs and brought me a lot of ideas on how to improve the system at work. I was so glad to meet with them and hope they will come down here to see our campus. Hopefully we will set up the Exchange Program for our residence hall staff in the near future.

Debbie from Indiana arrived Wednesday afternoon and we went out to eat for dinner. Sue from Maryland arrived Thursday morning and the party begun. We opened our gifts and loved them so much! They were impressed with my knitting projects as they were so eager to learn how to knit something. We debated on whether they want to knit the sweater or tote bag. I convinced them to knit the tote bag. We all agreed that I will teach them how to knit the sweater next year in my house. (I will be the hostess of our 10th year Crazy Crowd Crafts)

We immediately started working on our projects as you will see a lot of photos below. (I'm sorry that I could not figure out to post all photos in one place!!!)

The times went too FAST as the gathering ended yesterday morning. I cherish my friends so much. I'm looking forward to our gathering next year!!!!


At 6:04 PM, Blogger J. said...

wow, great crafts, I think I need to make some my friends spend a few days together doing similar things. Very cool way to spend a weekend.


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