Saturday, May 28, 2005

It took me two days to recover from the trip. I know three hours different from Las Vegas and here but I was so wimp! I finally caught up some sleep. We took over 400 pictures --- good thing that we have ditigal cameras!! I'm not going to show you all pictures but I picked out few pictures to show you.

Las Vegas was so different from here. You can see a lot of casino slots around at the airport and all over the places, even in gas stations!!! I played and didn't have much luck! I'm not too crazy about spending money on betting machines or card games. We spent a lot of time sightseeings around the town and out of Las Vegas. Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyons were my favorite sightseeings. Of course, few great hotels at the new strip were so neat to visit.

Three nights are not enough for us but we will go back again in the future. I'm so envious of our cousin who live in Northwest of Las Vegas. She has really nice home and her house is right location where you can see the mountain around her. I feel so relaxed staying there. The temperatures were so right for me..... not too hot or humid but dry!

So enjoy looking at the photos below.


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