Sunday, November 07, 2004


65. I love sushi and salmon.
66. I hate peas.
67. I drink more than 2 liters of water everyday.
68. My friend, Sue and I meet every month making crafts - since 1989.
69. Other friends, Debbie and Sharon were in our group.
70. Sharon moves to Rochester and Debbie moves to Indianapolis.
71. We decide to meet once a year for a long weekend to make crafts since 1994.
72. We call ourselves "Crazy Crowd Craft" ladies.
73. We all have same interests - sewing, quilting, painting, cross-stitching, etc.
74. I hope to teach them how to knit sweater or socks.
75. My personality is INFP.
76. I'm impatient.
77. I do well in last minutes.
78. I'm not organized person!
79. I like to keep kitchen very clean!
80. My craft room is REAL MESS but I know where to find the items.
81. My DH is my BEST friend.
82. He can hear better than me but I can lip read better than him.
83. I don't like crowds.
84. I like to knit or cross-stitch and watch movie at same time.
85. I'm an Ebay buyer.
86. I order yarns through Ebay.
87. I love to go Barnes and Nobles or Borders on Friday night.
88. I collect Willeraye Studios items.
89. I would like to have new dog.
90. I like to drink herbal teas after dinner.
91. I have pond in backyard.
92. It's so great watching mallards and Canadian geese swimming around the pond.
93. I make ornaments to give out for Xmas every year.
94. Green Bay Packers (NFL) is my favorite team.
95. I grew up going to Packers games in Wisconsin.
96. Milwaukee Brewers (baseball) is not far from my parents' house.
97. We used to go there on every games when I was in high school.
98. I like to put up X-mas tree before Thanksgiving Day.
99. And I put down the tree after Superbowl game.
100. I love my life, my husband, my family and my friends!!!!!!!


At 2:22 AM, Blogger alice said...

i've always been fascinated with gallaudett (sp?). i wrote a paper on the protests that brought about the first deaf president of the school... nifty stuff :)

i'm SOOO green-eyed at the sight of your fantastic charlotte colorway, too. that's ONE treat which i havent yet indulged in... congrats on getting someone else to do it for you! heh

At 2:26 AM, Blogger alice said...

err, forgive me!!! i came here from knitting chocolate, and was about to post a comment to both of your blogs at the same time. ohhh i'm so red-faced.

i meant to say to YOU:
i'm living on my own for the first time ever, and i'm already chomping at the bit to get my christmas tree up. i want to have my first real christmas all to myself, and i doubt very much that i'll make it past thanksgiving. heh. it'll give me someplace to put my knit gifts as i finish them! (as per your #98, of course)

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