Saturday, June 11, 2005


Soleil top is FINISHED but but but it doesn't fit me at all!!!


Not too small or too short!

But tooooooooo BIG!! **waaahhh!!!**

I was shocked and checked the gauge! Jeez...I must have knitted loose. I should have doublechecked the gauge.!! Seems that the gauge and I are not getting along!!! I thought I used the right needles after checking the gauge.

I love the color and yarn so much. I'm not going to waste it but I have to RIP*RIP*RIP it all off and will start it all over! I have no one to blame but ME! I deserve to be punished for not checking the gauge. I know the gauge is very important! Okay..okay..okay, I will check the gauge very carefully this time.



At 8:31 AM, Blogger J. said...

I have one word, TRAGIC. Hang in there, hope the gauge is right the 2nd time around.


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