Sunday, January 16, 2005

My Turn

I saw this on few sites and decided I would play along.....

Grooming Products
Shampoo: Biolage (Matrix)
Moisturizer: Clinque
Cologne: Coco and No. 19 Chanel, Lauren (Ralph Lauren)
Razor: Venus
Toothpaste: Cologate

Cell phone: None cuz I'm deaf BUT I own Blackberry pager
Computer: Toshiba laptop
Television: *blushing* 50" Toshiba (family room), 27" Magnavox (bedroom), 25" Zenith (craft room), 25" GE (exercise room) and 13" Symphonic (kitchen)
Stereo: Yamaha (DH listens to it - not me at all!)

Sheets: Egyptian Cotton/410 thread count cotton
Coffeemaker: Starbuck Barigtra Aroma
Car: Honda CRV
Stationary: Warren Kimble cards/notepads

Bottled water: Deer Park (to go) and Pur
Coffee: Green Mountains flavored coffee
Vodka: *BARF*!
Beer: Sam Adams, Moslon Ice, Amstel Light

Jean: Talbots
T-shirts: free t-shirts from work
Briefcase or tote: Jordana Paige tote bag
Sneakers: Nike
Watch: various - especially all different watch bands (I have 10 watches so far...don't mind buying more!)

Favorite Places
Home (with my DH), Cloverhill Yarn Shop, Woolwinders, Barnes & Nobles

Necessary Extravagance
Yarn, of course!!!

On knitting news, I'm working on "Best Friend's Jacket".... last sleeve to go and I hope I will have seaming party tonight! Last night, I finished another flower washcloth. I need to make few more for birthday gifts. Pictures tomorrow!


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