Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Fly SOUTH!!!!!!

I finally got over with stomach flu and now am fighting colds!!! GRRRR!!!! I'm all packed and ready to go to Florida tomorrow night. My DH's whole family will fly down to spend with DH's brother and sister-in-law. They brought the land last spring. The house was supposed to be completed by October 1st but was put off due to four hurriances. The house is ready for them to move in LAST NIGHT!!! I can imagine how stressful they are to get ready for the whole family staying in their new house for the holidays!

I'm really excited about knitting in the plane. I decided to bring one "WIP" sweater and plan to knit socks. Thanks to my SP2 - Jackie for the beautiful yarn and pattern for the sock. I always want to learn how to knit sock so I am going to do it during my holiday break. I packed several yarns, needles and patterns just in case!!!

Cross my finger for getting a new digital camera for X-mas!!! Santa, I'm really GOOD girl!

I certainly hope that you all will have a wonderful holidays!!!!!!

Ho ho ho!


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