Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Very Mini Sweater

Thought to share this with you. So cute and fast project!!! I was so bored but want to knit something small and fast. I found the pattern from Weekend Knitting book. It was very easy and FAST project. I love it so much and plan to make more. I think it would be cool decoration on kitchen table.

I'm sick with bad colds, cough and sinus headaches since Monday night. I slept all day yesterday and didn't do anything. It is really hard to knit and blow my nose at same time!!! *sniffling* I'm staying home today as I want to get 100% better. I spent an hour reading all the blogs and don't feel like doing anything. Maybe that is good thing as I need REST REST and REST!

I can't wait to get the name of my Secret Pal 4.


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