Monday, January 17, 2005

Another One!

Got this off one of deaf blogger's site ... Thought this would be fun!

I hurt: my ankle as I banged it on the corner of the wall while carrying laundry basket. GRRR!!
I love: LIFE itself ... There are SO many things in LIFE worth loving.
I hate: hyporites!!
I fear: of President Bush's decisions on war!!
I hope: to learn how to knit intarsia and fair-isle this year.
I hide: my clutter craft room that I am so ashamed to show anyone.
I drive: pretty good!
I miss: being a kid ... Those carefree days .. No job, no stress, etc
I need: vacation!
I think: this cold weather and gloomy day really suck!
I know: that spring will come SOON
Last cigarette: uhhhh ..... Long long long time ago!
Last hug: my dearest Craig!!
Last kiss: again, my dearest Craig, a few minutes ago!
Last good cry: hmmm ... I can't remember! But I tend to cry on any Hallmark's commerials!
Last library book checked out: one of Sandra Brown's book....Can't remember the name of the book.
Last book: P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
Last movie seen: DVD of Notting Hill
Last beverage drank: Ginger Ale
Last food consumed: White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookie from Nature's Promise
Last phone call: or should I say last IM!? im chatting with my friend on IM right now
Last TV show watched: Golden Globe Award
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: my Nike sneakers
Last CD played: hmmm ..... ????? I don't listen any music
Last item bought: socks from Bloomingdale's
Last lipstick used: Neoporin lip treatment
Last fragrance worn: No. 19 Chanel
Last time dancing: long long long time ago....maybe 15 years ago on my wedding. No kidding!
Last webpage visited: One of knitting blogs what else!?!?
Current thing I should be doing: hmmm .... Knitting few unfinished sweaters!!
Current refreshment: the one thing that's alllllways by my side ... WATER!

Drats!!! I want to take some picture of "FINALLY" finished Best Friend's sweater! The camera battery is dead and need to be recharged!!! The sweater is so basic that I should have finished last year. I don't know why I was putting off as I was not in mood knitting garter stitch. I like the color of the yarn but not too crazy about the design. I adjusted to make it more even instead of following Sally Melville's design.

Now, I'm going to go back to finish few more WIPs before I start knitting new project. I'm in mood to make another Klaralund sweater for myself. I'm determined to finish the Audrey sweater although I know it doesn't fit me well. I have not decided if I should give it away or keep it till I lose some weights. I love the design and color so much!!

I better get busy making gifts for our next Crazy Crowd crafts. I will be flying up to Rochester next month to meet three of my best friends for a long weekend. It will be our 9th year gathering. Part of this traditions, we exchange the ornaments, pins and gifts that we made. I have not started making anything yet. I plan to work on ornaments and pins this Thursday as it will be my day off. I have not decided on what I plan to make the gift for each of my friends. I will keep you informed of my plan.


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