Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy New Month!!

I can't believe January is over already! I didn't accomplish to finish the sweater. BUT I'm going to finish Audrey tonight for sure!!!! Few more rows then seam them together with the glass of wine! That's my plan for tonight!!

I knitted five accessories bags last week and will felt them this week. Will definitely get some pictures of them - before and after felting!!!!

I'm so thrilled to get the message from my Secret Pal. I don't know who you are but want to say Hello Secret Pal!!!!! I sent e-card to my Secret Pal last week and was so worried that she has not read the e-card till last night. Whew!!!!! I'm all excited to be part of Secret Pal activity and hope that my Secret Pal will enjoy my goodies.

I can't believe that I actually booked the round trip to Las Vegas this morning. I was never planning that way till my boss told me that there were special fares. My boss was joking around with my colleagues that his dream that we could all go there and gamble for the weekend for fun. I could believe that I immediately said YES!!!!!! I paged my DH and told him that I'm going to book the tickets for us. He was so surprised and said go for it. Seven of my colleagues booked the tickets as well. Can you believe that my boss was sooooo excited? Isn't he COOL boss? Actually, my boss was my college friend for a while before he became my boss. Small world!!! I'm not going down to gamble but will spend my time knitting!!!!!! We will be going down there in May. Oh boy, I'm really looking forward to going there as I never been in Las Vegas before. Any good yarn shop down there???? Please let me know!!!!!!

Now, I'm going back and finish up my Audrey!!!!!


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Karen said...

My husband and I went there last year for the first time and had a wonderful time. I did of course, find a yarn shop there. ;) It is called Gail Knits. Great shop! You can google it and find her web site with directions from the strip. It's wasn't too far... maybe 15 minutes. FYI...going by cab is pretty expensive... going by bus was maybe a couple of dollars and drops you right across the street from it. Have a great time on your trip!

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Annie said...

Hey Susan! Hopefully by May I'll be living in Las Vegas (if the house sells quickly here in Kentucky). There's at least one great knitting store I've found so far on Sahara, about 8 miles from the strip. My e-mail is annietarbox at yahoo dot com, so keep in touch and maybe we can meet up--and kudos to your boss for suggesting such a great idea!


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