Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Two reasons:

1.) I'm still at work!!! Am stuck staying here till I receive the final words from some students if they plan to show up tomorrow for the student panel. I want to go home now and knit the sock! I wish I bring my knitting bag with me. Normally, I bring my knitting bag with me to work everyday. This morning, I decided not to bring my knitting bag because I will have lunch meeting today and know that I won't have any time knitting during my break today. Now, I wish I did bring it!! Drats!!!

2.) Good news is that I finished the Audrey sweater last night. Bad news is that the sweater look AWFUL!!! I did 23 lace pattern repeats for the neckline, but that made for too much gapping at the neck. I have to rip, rip, rip, rip it out, remove a repeat and put it all back in place. I was surprised that the sweater fits me very well except for the neckline that I need to fix it right. I'm sooooo discouraged as I really want to finish it, wear it and move on with other project!!! DRATS!!! DRATS!!! I have to accept this! Sighs!!!!

Can you see me sulking? Indeed, I'm sulking right now!!! Sighs!!! What can you do about it? Thanks for reading this.


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