Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Cleaning?

Today is first day of Spring and the weatherman predicted we will have warm weather later this week. Please, please, please let me put all the winter clothes away this week!!! I'm ready to wear spring clothes and knit spring tops!!

Here are the pictures I promised you..... You have to look down the pictures of WIPs. Forgive me that I still could not figure out how to post all pictures at same time. I'm so impatient and want someone to sit down and show me how to do it instead of reading the instructions.

I have decided to proritize my WIPs....

1. Klaralund sweater
2. Classic cardigan for my DH
3. Robin top
4. Coast to Coast sweater

I can finish two scarves at anytime as I tend to take these projects for a short trip. I knit while my DH drive.

I really want to start new projects. I already put "post-in" pad on my knitting magazines or books.

So...isn't time for me to finish them up before summer come????


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