Monday, March 14, 2005


Blah.... wish the weekend was not over too fast. I haven't been knitting so much over the weekend but I had a BUSY weekend. I was doing Spring Cleaning all weekend. I decided to clean up my craft room all day on Saturday but ended up making two non-knitting projects!!! Sighs!!! I could not resist these projects and decided to do it. I know I have no self control!!! I was supposed to clean up the room and get reward by making new projects. Sadly, the craft room is not 100% clean!!! I was planning to give away a lot of patterns (mostly dolls, clothing and quilting) and replace all the yarn stash in new place but I have not done it yet!! I want to organize all the yarns in one places instead of too many places... (in the bedroom, in the library, in the family room and two yarns are still on the kitchen table!!!)

Yesterday was very good day for me. I decided to clean up in the library and gave away a lot of books. I urged my DH to give up all the magazines and tool catalogs. He was sooooo resistant but gave up all the catalogs. He wants to keep all the woodworking magazines. Sighs!! I can't blame him as he wants me to give up all the knitting magazines. FAT chance!!!

Now, I have to go back to my craft room tonight to continue reorganizing my craft stuff... I promise myself not to make any more projects which I'm so tempted to do it.

Now, I'm leaving you to see the projects I made last Saturday.... of course, I love theme decorations as Easter is coming up real soon!

Bunny Penny Rug wall hanging Posted by Hello

See one more project below........


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