Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Last Sunday......

I have decided to put Soleil away for a while and need more time to grief!!! I need to change the battery for my hearing aid so I can listen *rip*rip*rip*rip* the whole thing. I'm not ready to listen and feel it!!!

I looked through all of my stash (I mean, the huge stash!!!) and decided to make.....

Smooch top!! Posted by Hello From Rowan All Seasons Cotton Collection book by Kim Hargreaves

Yes, I did knit 4" by 4" for the gauge check. Right size of needles!!! Whew... I will keep checking the gauge in every (two or three inches) rows. I need to build up my confidence!!!

So far. knitting Smooch is a lot of FUN! Rowan All Seasons cotton yarn is FABULOUS to knit with!!!


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