Saturday, July 23, 2005

Milwaukee Story

It was sooooooooooooo GREAT seeing my parents last weekend. We went to downtown see the Blue Angels which was awesome. We enjoyed watching the show. Geez... the weather was HOT and HUMIDITY just like Washington, DC!!! After the shows, we walked down the streets to see the Bastille Day event. It was so crowded. We drank beers and listened some music.
I went to the The Association of College and University Housing Officers-International conference on Sunday. I was so shocked that they didn't schedule for sign language interpreters for me all day for three days. They thought I need interpreters for the keynote sessions and banquet. What an ignorance!!! I missed few sessions which was very disappointment!! They eventually got me interpreters on Monday afternoon and all day on Tuesday. I enjoyed four sessions and will definitely make some changes in my department. I met new people there. It was worthwhile for me to attend the conference.
Instead of going to closing banquet, my parents wanted to treat me for my early birthday dinner. They made FAVORITE food for me in the world! Salmon on the yummy!!!! I thought I die and gone to heaven! I realized that I have not gone home for my birthday for almost 20 years. It was soooooooo GOOD to be with my family for my early birthday treat. I wish my sister is here with us.
My favorite birthday dessert - Angel food with strawberries!!!! Really yummy!!!!

My mother, the "Dr. Green Thumb"!! She has really amazing little garden and beautiful landscape on her front and back yards. She takes very good care of flowers, plants and garden. I wish I can be like her but I'm so terrible taking care of plants. I took several pictures of her yard.
I really love sitting in the kitchen and staring out the window all day. There are different birds flying in around the tree. My mother has several birdhouses hanging in the tree backyard. It is so fascinating watching the birds eating seeds from the kitchen window. I wish I have the tree in back of my house and could stay here all day watching different birds. Thank you, Mom and Dad for everything!!! had a GREAT time with you and enjoyed all the talks we have. I wish I could have stayed longer. I really miss you so much and can't wait to see you again this Christmas! This time, my DH and I will be going home for Christmas!!!!!! Of course, my sister will be there, too!!!


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