Sunday, February 20, 2005

Almost a week? Really???

I can't belive it's been almost a week since I've posted.... Where did the time go?

Last Friday was so GREAT day because I've been ROAKed for the very first time by Lucia of with the DELICIOUS licorice candies. I *heart* licorice so much!

I really CAN'T wait go up to Rochester, New York this Tuesday night!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing my friends. I will be visiting Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) all day to meet with Residence Life staff on Wednesday. The fun will start on Thursday morning when the 4th person arrive. We will do our annual gathering - exchange our handmade gifts, handmade ornaments and handmade pins. Then we will start doing crafts - starting Thursday till Sunday night. Definitely will have a lot of laughter, joy and chat!! Of course, A lot of photos will come after I get back!!!

I have confession to make.... I was supposed to finish DH's sweater.... (it's half way to go on LAST sleeve!!!!) My mind is still screaming at me ..... "Come on, Susan!!!! Look how sad is your DH!!!!" I decided to put it away and knit another Klaralund for MYSELF! I know I'm weak!!!!! Geez... I feel sooooo selfish because I really enjoy knitting Noro silk garden yarns soooo much! The color is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Sigh!! I will finish DH's sweater after I get back from Rochester.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow..... I have go and do the laundry. Isn't that FUN job???


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