Thursday, May 12, 2005

What...isn't it Thursday????

Oh boy....the week goes toooooo FAST!!! I have not knit anything since last Sunday!!!!! I was so sick with sinus infections again last Sunday and Monday. I start feeling better now. Tomorrow is Galladuet University Commencement Day!!! Yay yay yay....which means I will have a loooooong lunch break and knit while watching commencement event on Gallaudet cable TV in my boss' office!!!!! The colleagues of mine will be staying in the office partying (of course, no alcoholic beverages allowed!)

I must tell you how much I really ENJOYED myself at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend! I was so overwhelmed seeing so many people there on Saturday. My DH and I agreed that there were more people coming here than last year. The weather was so perfect....not too hot and not too cold! My dear friend, Sue meet me at noon and we stopped in every booths. I really enjoyed petting all the yarns!!! Of course, I brought several yarns.

Here's some of purchases at MDSW.

Melody's Shawl Posted by Hello

This is Morehouse Merino. I really love that they come in kits. The color is so lovely. I can vision myself wearing it with my turtleneck sweater and slack.


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