Thursday, May 12, 2005

Something for my DH

Here is my new WIP! Posted by Hello Artisan's Vest - Green Mountain Spinnery

My DH and I wandered around to each booth and he saw the vest hanging on the wall. He asked me if I could knit that vest. It looks easy to me and asked him why. He said he would love to have one. I asked him if he is so sure that he would wear it! I never seen him wear vest. After he left to see more animals, I sneaked and decided to purchase it. He rarely tell me what he wants or needs. I tend to grill him what he wants for his birthday or Christmas. He kept saying "tools and tools!!" I was so surprised that he finally tell me that he would like that vest!!! I started knitting last Sunday night. He didn't know what I'm working on new project. He probably assume the project is for me. Hee tee unless he read my blog! *Hi Craig!!*

I'm so glad that the instruction is so easy to follow. I'm using Green Mountain spinnery worsted weight wool. I really like the yarn so much.


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