Sunday, May 01, 2005

Joey's Special Day

Joey's Baptism Posted by Hello Joey was with his parents, Beverly and Larry and Father Joe.

Today was special day for me to witness my godson being baptized. The ceremony was very small and beautiful. Joey behaved very mature during the ceremony and didn't understand why Father Joe poured the water over his head. He is almost two years old. I wish I could explain his facial expressions but it described thousands words. (He looked so shocked and pondered why his head was wet) I could not stop laughing and thought he was soooooo cute!!!!
We had small reception after the mass. Tonight, Joey will open all the gifts. I know he is not too crazy about clothing but I know Bev would be impressed with the sweater I made for him. I will ask Bev to take some pixs of Joey and the sweater I made.

Secret Pal 4 is over now. I still don't know who is my Secret Pal. I hope she will reveal herself real soon. I revealed myself to Lynette tonight as I have not heard from her and don't know if she got the package that I sent her two weeks ago. Hope she will respond soon as I'm curious if she likes my goodies.

So sad that the weekend is OVER and tomorrow is "BLAH" day!!! I will have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning then back to work.


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