Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Soon sooon soooooooooon......

*I typed this last night and the internet disconnected on me again....good thing I saved this in my draft - so here it is!!!*

Weeeeeeee Willie Whistle sweater is almost DONE!! Posted by Hello One more sleeve to go then *MUST* seam them together this weekend. I really enjoy knitting small sweater as it's real fast. (I'm not as fast as Wendy from Wendyknits - she probably finish it in two days!!!!) Took me almost two weeks to finish it. Sorry, I'm not great photographer! I should have asked my DH to take some pictures of that sweater or I should take photography class to learn the trick of "perfect" pictures. Sighs!!!!! I will take good close-up picture after seaming them up.

Please welcome Jerri Lyn as she *finally* decide to create her own blog. Jerri Lyn was the one who got me addicted to knitting. I thank thank thank her for getting me back to knitting world as I find the knitting is my best therapy. She is one of my DEAR friends and GREAT supporter. I really laugh so hard reading her blog. She is sooooooooooooooooooo funny!! Trust me! Check out her blog - and welcome her!!!

Oh oh oh.... Kim Hargreaves has a new site up - I really love her designs so much, especially Harmony and Joy sweaters. I wish she could sell the patterns instead of kits. The kits are somewhat pricey!! Oh well...I hope she will consider to sell the patterns someday.

This morning, I mailed 3rd (last) package to my Secret Pal. I really love to spoil her and hope she will like my goodies. I really can't wait to find out who is my Secret Pal on April 30th as same time I can't wait to reveal my name to Secret Pal that I have been corresponded and sent goodies.

This weekend, I'm determined to finish the Wee Willie sweater and seam the Klaralund. I know it is tooooooooo late for me to wear Klaralund but I don't want to leave the poor "unseaming" sweater on the sofa for weeks! Although I'm deaf but I'm still hearing my poor sweet Klaralund screaming at me to finish her up! It drives me CRAZY!!

So...wish you all happy knitting!!!


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