Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Double Yay!!!

Yay!!! Look what I got in the mail!!! THE BOOK!!!!!! Posted by Hello

By Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I really love reading her blog - The Yarn Harlot!
I really enjoy reading that book.... perfect way to read and drink hot coffee in the morning before go to work.

Yay again!!! Today is SUNNY, SUNNY, SUNNY!!!! I love this weather yesterday, today and tomorrow - that's for sure!!! It has been so beautiful weather. The trees are in bloom, too. Not great for my allergy. I know I will get another colds as I'm allergic to pollen, especially Cherry Blossom trees!!! Well, I'm not complaining right now. Thank you, SUN for coming back!

Not yay!!!! I have not block and seam the sweaters yet. I guess I'm avoiding them as I'm not in fond of seaming at all!!

I'm working on last sleeves of "Coast to Coast" sweater. I brought the DVD - "Spanglish" after work today and am going to watch it tonight and knit the sleeve.


At 10:27 PM, Anonymous jerri lyn said...

Hey Sue! Thank you for sharing this with me too! I love this book ... it has so many 'true-isms' in it only fellow knitters can understand. HUGS HUGS HUGS


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