Friday, April 15, 2005

Missing In Action?

I'm back!!! Comcast network at home is so CRAZY past five days!!! It keeps disconnecting on me that I could not keep up my readings on blogs and emails. So I'm not a bad blogger but blame my Comcast network!!!! (FYI, I'm at work using my work computer before I go home tonight) I hope the network will be up and running this weekend so I can post some photos of my new WIP!

I'm knitting little sweater for my godson, Joey. Yup, I was asked to be godmother. The baptism will be on May 1st and I'm so honored to be godmother for little Joey.

This week is the BUSIEST week for me at work..... Interviewing students for summer job, attending scholar's dinner, preparing for dorm closings, commencement and summer housing assignments. Yeah, two more weeks left before final exams begin. The times go tooooooo FAST for me!!!

TGIF!!!!!! Do you know why I'm so great mood right now? I will have more time knitting this weekend!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


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