Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm ready for this weekend!!!!

My Tote Bag Posted by Hello

I forgot to post this when I recieved the tote bag that I ordered for me and my dear friend, Jerri Lyn from Maryland Sheep and Wool Bloggers. Thank you, Mia, so much!!!! I wish I had my camera with me to work yesterday. Jerri Lyn had no idea that I got the bag for her. She was so stunned and loved the bag. We tend to spoil each other by giving surprise gifts or books.

I laughed so hard when reading Jerri Lyn's blog. She really made fun of me by calling me "Sueby Doo"!! Oh yes, I despise that nickname!! Well, she knows how extremely busy I am just like I run around without my head!!! Hey, I'm not shamed of my office at all. I love all the papers piling up on my desk so I can think more clear. Jerri Lyn's office is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay way way opposite of me. No worry, I will take *cough cough* picture of her office someday to show you the real Jerri Lyn! JL - Beware!!!

I really can't wait to go MSWF this weekend...definitely go on Saturday and Sunday. I can't wait to meet knitting bloggers as same time I'm pretty shy and timid by meeting new people, especially hearing people because of my deafness. I hope I have courage to meet knitting bloggers and want to let them know I really enjoy reading their blogs. If you see me there, please do let me know as I really want to meet you!!


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