Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New project and I FINISHED it in an hour!!!!!

Beaded Knitting bracelet Posted by Hello

I decided to join the beaded knitting group and found the pattern to make the bracelet. I *heart* bracelets!!!!! I don't know how many bracelets I have but I know I have several ones. After reading the pattern, I decided to go to Michael's and brought the red beads, clasps and wire (#32). Put all the beads in the wire was PAIN but knitted the wire along with the beads was FUN!!! Took me an hour to finish it!!! I showed my sweet DH.

DH: (*looking at my bracelet*) Who gave you?
Me: No one!
DH: Did you buy it?
Me: Just beads, clasps and wire
DH: Huh?
Me: I made it! DUH!!!
DH: (*puzzled and look at my bracelet very closely) No way!! you knitting with THAT wire??
Me: Yup!! It was little awkward but fun to knit with!
DH: (staring at me)
Me: Do you have problems?
DH: How many bracelets do you have now? Are you going to make more?
ME: (snickering) Countless and YUP!! I'm going to make MORE and MORE!!!
DH: (rolling eyes) Impressive!

So... I'm going to practice knitting with the wire and beads. I want to make the necklace!!! Yup... I *heart* necklaces!!! Don't ask me how many necklaces I have!!!

Oh oh...I have more ..... PINS!!!! Yes... I collect PINS!!!!! Will take few photos of my pins later.... (warning: you better close your jaw when you see the pictures)


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