Thursday, July 28, 2005

I *HEART* my SP5

Yesterday, I came home and found the package waiting for me. I opened the box and my jaw dropped to the ground! *no kidding* Look what my SP5 sent to me.... soooo fabulous goodies!! Wooolwash product, Bee Naturals cuticle and nail oil, yarn earrings, two sets of yarns from KnitPicks - Essential and Alpaca Cloud. The yarns are so SOFT and stretchy. I really love the colors!!! Thank you..thank you...thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the BEST!

I tried on the earrings and LOVE them so much.
I'm going to wear it tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!

Essential yarn would be perfect for the sweater - I have not decided what pattern will I use this.

I will definitely use Alpaca Cloud yarns to make the shawl. The color is midnight. I'm going to look up the Folk Shawls book that I got from my SP2 and see if I find something I like. There are so many designs that I would like to make.

Cathay WON the battle!!! Soleil is on the progress!!!!
I did two gauge swatch of Cathay and All Seasons yarns. I voted Cathay because it's lighter for the summer top than All Seasons yarn. I started knitting Soleil right away last night. No wonder why the knitters rave about that yarns! I really love Cathay!!

Let's talk about the WEATHER here!

In past few days, the weather were so unbelievable HOT and MUGGY as if it was like 450 degrees oven!! The humidity were over 75%. Last night, the heat waves finally broke out by heavy rain, thunders, lightening and high winds. The temperature dropped down to 72 degrees in 45 minutes. Good thing that we have power and no trees were down. In some areas, there were no power for 24 hours and many trees were down. Today, we finally sat on the deck and ate dinner. It was so NICE and breezy! I hope the weather will be that way for this weekend!

My DH is going to surprise me something for my birthday tomorrow, so I'm so curious what he is up to!


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