Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sloooooowwwww progress and Eventful Day!!!

Grrrr...don't you hate when you spent an hour to upload the pictures and typed long message and discovered that the post is gone forever. Well it happened to me!

Here it is as I promised..... long lost Textured Cardigan sweater that I'm knitting soooo sloooowww!!! I started knitting it last February and now it's June 3rd, I'm still knitting same project!! How sad!!

I have to admit that this project is really boring but I'm determined to finish it soon. I realized that I'm out of the yarn. I ordered three more yarn last night through online. I don't think I will finish them before we go on vacation starting this Saturday.

I'm on sleeve islands.

I washed the front and back pieces last night.

I blocked the pieces on my blocking board.

Another *sad and slow* progress!!! Squall Sock that I started last February, too.

Close up!

Like I said earlier, we will go on vacation real soon. We will go up to Boston visiting my family for the weekend then we will go up to Laconia, New Hampshire for the Bike Event.
I need to bring my knitting project with me. I saw Jenn's completed project. I'm in love with...

Surplice Lace Top from Nashua Handknits
I thought Natural Focus Ecologie Cotton yarn is really pricey. I checked other yarn and found the color yarn of 100% pima cotton I really like. I ordered them right away and hope they will be here this week. I really want to make summer top.

What did we do yesterday on beautiful day? All we heard the police sirens sound blaring all day along with a dog barking and barking!!!
We were involved in 11th Annual Leesburg Police Motorcyle Poker Run. The run benefits the Virginia Special Olympics.
A police motor escort departs at 8:30, and participants can ride along all day till 3 p.m.

How did it work? A poker run is where you travel around a planned route with planned stops. At each stop, you draw a card. At the end of the run, each participant has a full poker hand.
The Annie's Mexican Restaurant catered breakfast, and Red Hot & Blue provided lunch. The run ended at 3 p.m., with prizes awarded immediately after. The person with the best poker hand will receive $300 donated by Leesburg-area businesses; the second-best hand will receive men's and women's Belair Swiss watches donated by Ketterman's Jewelers; and the third-best hand will receive a 20-inch flat-screen color television donated by Leesburg Wal-Mart. More than 85 door prizes will be awarded from area businesses.
This year we raised over $12,000 with over 450 motorcyclists participating.

We met at Leesburg Fire Department at 7:30 a.m. for registration and breakfast.

The policemen on motorcycles escorted us out to four different places to play poker.

Our first stop was in Gettsyburg, Pennyslvania.

Over 450 bikers were involved following the police.

The biker brought his dog along. That dog barked and barked all day! You could hear it all the way behind us.

Awwww....the couple brought their little cute dog.

The biker brought his parrot along with him. I wish I could snap it closer. The big blue parrot is sitting on his shoulder. It was amazing that the parrot didn't fly away.

Police motorcycles parking on the front of the bikers.

Bikers riding down the road.

We stopped in 4th run place at Emmitsburg.

We headed back to Leesburg Fire Department on Route 15.
The trip was so nice and fun! We definitely will come back next year.

A large group of deaf bikers!
I better go back and finish the sleeves. Happy Knitting!!!


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

Sounds like you're having a great time on the bike! I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see some FOs. ;-)


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