Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Quick Update....

First of all, thanks to everyone who commented (publicly and privately) on the last post. The surgery went very well and my sister is home resting to recover from the surgery. I finally saw her through videophone last Friday. I was so happy to see her doing pretty good. She will see her doctor to find out the result of biopsy this Tuesday. I pray that the result is favorable fo her.
Today, my DH and I called through videophone with my parents and Kimbo to say Happy Easter... Very cool to see my family especially they are 600 miles away from here. Aren't they darling?

Even more exicting news, I will fly up to Boston tomorrow morning to see my sister, Kimbo and my parents for a few days. I can't wait!!!! Poor DH, he wish to join with me but he has to work. I will definitely see him through videophone everyday when I'm in Boston.

I really want to thank Kerry for sending me a BEAUTIFUL Sol Joy yarn. I actually cried when I opened the package last week. Last week was really rough and I was really down worrying about my sister. Kerry sure made my day so special. I really love the yarn. I cuddled and fondled it while watching tv show for two hours. I definitely am going to use this to make socks.
Thank you, Kerry from the bottom of my heart!!!
Definitely more knitting time during my trip to Boston!! I hope I will finish the sleeves for the sweater that I've been neglecting them for a while. I really want to finish the blue sweater for February/March Project Spectrum. I'm so ready to move on new project - green sweater!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families.


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