Saturday, January 20, 2007

No Snow but BRRRRR!!!!!!

Hey, it's actually somewhat cold here yesterday and today (compared to last week when we had record high temperatures). It was in the 20s (Fahrenheit) this morning. Brrrrrr!!!! No snow, yet!!!

I'm so happy that I finally finished FO last night! I brought the buttons on my way home after work last night and was so excited to sew the buttons up on my cardigan. I'm relieved that the sweater fits me fine....only I wish I added 2 more inches on front and back pieces because I'm tall.

My own Everyday Cardigan that I neglected for a year and half!!!!

Pattern: Everyday Cardigan
Source: Peace Fleece
Yarn: Peace Fleece worsted weight yarns
Needle: Addi Turbo Size #6 and #8

I really love the yarns so much and the color is great! The pattern is very easy to follow. I have the purple ones that are waiting for me to finish the sleeves.

Well, I'm not going to knit the sleeve tonight. I'm going to seam the Kolvsa pieces tonight after dinner! Wish me good luck!

Please send positive vibes here for snow!!!!

Happy Knitting and Stay warm!!!


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