Thursday, December 07, 2006


What a (almost) week for me! I got back to work after two and half weeks off last Monday. My schedule were booked with meetings, meetings and meetings that I didn't have time to finish all the emails. 1,118 emails!!! I wish I'm kidding but am still trying to finish them up by tomorrow afternoon.

Last Sunday was a real productive day for me! I put the tree up and decorated Xmas stuff around the house. Now, I feel soooooooooo CHRISTMAS-Y!!!!!

I'm true loyal Santa Collector!

Looooook!!!!!! All Santa oranments around the tree along with Santa dolls on the table and floor!

Every year I asked my DH to pick one of his favorite ornament. For last three years, he picked Naked Santa.

Now, he is really obsessed with his new toy since July. He picked two "winner" ornaments this year!!!

Of course, Harley SANTAS!!!!!

The skeins arrived in the mail yesterday!! I'm hoping to finish the vest for my DH this weekend.

Happy Birthday to my dear *knitting* BEST friend, Jerri Lyn!!!!

TGIF for tomorrow!!!!

Happy Knitting!!!


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