Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My FIRST Vacation of the YEAR!!!!

Yay.... today is my last day of work to start on my first vacation tomorrow! I know it's sad that the year of 2006 is almost over! I didn't take any vacations last summer which I normally do in the past. I'm so glad that today is the day that finally comes!

So what should I do and plan during my two weeks off!?

Of course, I will fly to Boston tomorrow morning to see my sister, Kimbo for a long weekend! I will come back this Monday night.

I'm hoping that I will accomplish many things around the house next week. Sell things through craiglist and ebay, order wood planks for the floor, put up the Xmas tree, decorate around the house and finish the knitting projects.

I haven't touched my knitting projects for last three days. I was so busy at work and didn't have any energy to do anything when I got home. I'm sooooo ready to pick it up tomorrow for the trip.

Will share the full reports and photos next week!

Happy Knitting!!!!


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