Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Yarns!

I thought I'm supposed to be on yarn diet but I only gained few more yarns from......

Only 20 minutes from here! I took a day off last Friday to go there to glimpse around for 2 hours before I take my blogless friends, Jerri Lyn and Caroline all day on Saturday. This time I had a LIST - to decide what to buy/make. I promised myself not to spend too many yarns but it was soooooo hard to resist.

Soooo anyway...like I said, the convention center is only 20 minutes from my house. I sure had a hell time finding a parking spot and found one in 4 blocks away from the center. I had gotten a two-day ticket. I know there were a lot of booths that I didn't look at too closely carefully. Two day trips were worthwhile for me.

Ahhhh....There was lots to see!!! I recognized many of the vendors from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and was glad to see them here also. I had told myself that I'd look around for a while before buying anything on Saturday.

Oh boy, I'm so WEAK!!! But here's the important part, the newest stashes.....

I always want to make Clapotis just like many knitters made. I could not find the right yarn for a while till I stopped in Brook Farm booth. I saw the finished clapotis display there. That's it!!! Perfect yarn and it took me forever to pick out which skein I should buy. I kept walking around several times to decide which color. I finally decided to pick red/pink/cream/yellow skein.

I found the right color for the shawl that I always want to make one..... Isn't that pretty!!??

This one is NOT on my list!!!

I'm in love with Twisty Turns Wrap! The yarns from Decadent Fibers are so pretty. I picked out "Autumn" look yarns and would be perfect for my brown outfit! I knitted right away after buying Addi Turbo Needle Size 15 last Saturday.
Pretty fast knitting on Saturday night!!!

Too bad that the convention center don't allow us to take pictures!! I didn't bring my camera although I wish I did!!!

Second Day at Stitches East!

On Saturday, I met Jerri Lyn and Caroline and took them out for breakfast at Eggspectation. I decided to park at the Orioles stadium parking lot instead of driving around the town looking for a spot. Poor Caroline looked so overwhelmed when entering the room. Caroline is relatively new in knitting and is very eager to learn how to knit. She brought a beautiful skein from Brook Farm and wants to knit a scraf.

I brought my Blueberry Waffle sock with me and stopped at Tess' Design booth to find the right color yarn. I knew I don't have enough yarn for the second sock and found one I need!!! I found the black yarn that I want to make one for my DH. He would like to wear the solid color instead of stripe ones I made for him.

I also brought few patterns and yarns that I would like to make for Xmas gifts. I won't post up because I know someone is reading my blog. (Hello!!)

I recognized several bloggers and Lolly standing in lines and walking pass by me. I saw few authors such as Lily Chin (Urban Knitter) Kaffe Fassett, Jane Sowerby (Victorian Lace Today) and Maggie Jackson (Maggie's Ireland) on Friday and Saturday.

We sure had a great time and will definitely go back next year!!!! We agree to meet Jerri Lyn's house for lunch and knitting gathering this Saturday. I'm looking forward to teach Caroline how to knit a scarf. Should be FUN!!!

I better go back and knit the wrap. Bulky yarn is so much fun to knit with!!!

Happy Knitting!!!


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