Sunday, October 01, 2006

Photos from Last Weekend

Happy October!!!

Can't believe today is October 1st! Where does the time go? I put up Halloween decorations around the house yesterday.

Here are some pictures I promised that I took last weekend when my DH and I went down to Tennessee.
We stopped at Gatlinburg, Tennesse. We stayed in Fabulous Chalet. The view was from the back of our room. So beautiful view. We could see the ski lifts moving at night from our room.
The weather was so fabulous. I was so fascinated the clouds at the sky.
We went through the Smoky Mountain skyline. Real beautiful view.
Till we went up to the mountain. The temperature dropped to 40 degrees and foggy. It was really hard to see the view from the top of the mountain. We spotted the Clingman's Dome after walking 1/2 mile from the parking lot.
We could not see anything from where we stand. What a disappointment!!!
We finally got on top of the Clingsman's Dome. was very COLD and windy!!! We didn't wear proper clothing for this trip but we survived through real cold and rainy weather.
The Clingsman's Dome looks small to me but it was really huge from where I stood.

We met 110 owners of Honda S2000 next day. The weather was unbelievable crazy...sunny, cloudy, foggy, raining and windy - again and again all day!!!!!
My DH enjoyed so much as he was trying to be one of the car racer!
Cool view!!!!
Reflection view!!!

Knitting news....
My First Shawl!!!

(My DH took some pictures of my shawl but I'm not able to download it to my laptop!!! I don't know why. Shooo... my DH is not home to help me out with it!!!)

I decided to join Lollyknitting's Sockoberfest again this year. I've been fully diagnosed with Second Sock Syndrome. I have three socks that need to be paired up.

Happy Knitting!!!


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