Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm here but not quite....

Dang... I was hoping to have time to post some photos of my FO- shawl!! I just discovered that my camera battery is out. I need to recharge it first before taking some pictures.

I thought I would have time to catch up reading blogs in past few days but I didn't have any time to do. We had a company from Indiana who stayed in our place for the weekend looking for a new place to live. They have decided to move back here after 6 years. They are great friends of ours! The husband got a new job and will start this coming Monday. They plan to stay at our place for a while till they find a house. Hopefully they will live nearby our place!!

Tomorrow morning, we will leave here to North Carolina and Tennessee for a long weekend. We plan to see Clingman's Dome this Thursday. We will stay in Fontana Village Resort on Friday for two nights and will join 174 owners of Honda S2000 vehicles for Dragonball event just like we went there last April for Wake the Dragon event (post on April 28th).

Will post more photos after we get back from our trip. Yes, I promise!!!


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