Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well... well... well.....

I know you all may be sick of seeing my previous message for a month and half. My sister paged me when will I ever update my blog. So here am I!!!!

I just don't know where to begin....Life here has been so CRAZY!!! Hardly any blog reading and no posting! Just go, go, go just like a energizer bunny which bring me a lot of stress!! I didn't knit much in August but more in last two weeks. I was so busy at the trainings for almost three weeks getting ready for the fall semester for new students.

Of course, I won't blah blah blah about my work but want to show you some pictures!!

I was so lucky that I spotted that store near the place where I stayed at Bethany Beach house for the Peer Advisor Retreat for a week last month. My co-trainer wanted to tag along with me to go to Sea Needles store during the break time. My co-trainer wants to learn how to knit and asked me to pick out simple project. She brought orange cotton yarn and size 6 needles to make dishcloth. I taught her how to knit for 15 minutes and she picked it up very fast! I was so thrilled that she is really addicted to knitting. She was so proud when she finished the dishcloth. Now she is knitting scarf.
I brought Wool Pak New Zealand wool yarn for the cute purse. I don't want to make the stripes one but want to knit the forest green purse.
Last Saturday was the BEST day of my life. My DH's assistant, Beth invited us and other friends to go out yachting for the day. I did nothing all day but relaxing and knitting all day at the yacht. It was so wonderful feelings because no stress at all for me. The weather was amazing perfect!!! Beth's father owns and designed one-of-kind beautiful yacht that published in Boat magazines several times. Isn't that beauty!!! The yacht is 95 feet long and 33 feet wide. It can go 65 mph!! The yacht consists four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, small living room and kitchen. They have cute piano. Every room has plasma TV.
The captian allowed my DH to drive the yacht. He sure enjoyed it so much!!!
I started knitting the men's sock!

I finally finished the lace shawl last week of August and finally blocked it today. I will share with you as soon as it dries up. I really love it so much.

I promise myself to finish the Everyday Cardigan sweater. I finished the pieces last February and didn't put them together. Hopefully I will do it this weekend.

Happy Knitting!!


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