Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Me the BAD Blogger again!!!

Wish my life here begins to slow down. Next two week especially, I will be very busy preparing for a big conference that I'm hosting at work. I can't wait to get this event off the list as we started preparing since last year. Hopefully I will have a quiet summer and will need more time to knit. I didn't knit much lately except for the socks I'm working for the Project Spectrum. I really want to knit the shawl, caridgan and sweater but didn't have time to slow myself down!!! Sigh!!!!

Last weekend, my DH and I decided to go to Williamsburg, Virginia for two nights. It was really fun weekend, especially the weather were so perfect! We were supposed to leave Saturday early morning but we decided to leave Friday night after work. Sure glad we did!!! It was only two and half hours drive. I grabbed the Williamsburg magazine and brochures after checking in the hotel and did some research around the area. I saw the Knitting Sisters ad and told my DH that I would like to stop on the way to Yorktown if time permits. Guess what, he said that we could stop there first before we arrive Yorktown. Isn't he sweetheart?


I brought Opal sock yarn (I could not resist that color!!!), Kid's Fruit Cap pattern and little cute sweater keychain!!

We spent all day in Historic Yorkstown and Historic Jamestowne on Saturday. Historic Jamestown is most fantastic places to see. They are preparing for 400th anniversary of the colony asw the first permanent English settlement in America next year. You MUST see the Archaearium. They have artifacts which were discovered underground of the Historic Jamestowne. Interactive virtural viewers give you the glimpse of how the people lived during the early years of the settlement. We want to go back again next year for the 400th anniversary events.

We spent all day in Colonial Williamsburg. We were so disappointed that they didn't provide any sign language interpreters or scripts for us to read about the history of Colonial Williamsburg. We spent all day walking around the places but didn't understand what the people who work there talk about. Being deaf is disadvantaged because we need to call two weeks advance to have them to get us interpreters. We think it is not fair because anyone could stop by whenever they feel like while deaf people need to make an appointment. I don't want to give you wrong idea but we are always proud to be deaf, anyway.

I'm knitting Blueberry Waffle sock -using Tess Designer yarn that I brought from MD S&W. I found the free pattern few months ago and thought it would be perfect sock for June Project Spectrum.

Happy Knitting!!


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Sorka said...

I am surprised that they didn't even have scripts for deaf guests..that is quite dissapointing!
I was actually thinking of taking our family down there some time soon.. I always liked it there! And Jamestown is neat isn't it?!


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