Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Obession

I was so agony for last two days with back spasm! I could not move my left arm because it was so painful from the pulled muscles. I felt that I was so crippled and could not go to work for two days. I finally feel better this morning and the doctor prescribed me the medicine for the muscle relaxer for next 5 days. No fun at all!!

Sooooo, I must tell you that I'm secretly obsessed that cardigan from the Patternwork catalog that I recieved in the mail two months ago. Every night, I eyeballed that cardigan and dreamed to knit one. I made myself the new rule that I must NOT buy any more yarns till I use up few yarn stash that I brought last year. Well, I'm glad I did because I went out with my DH to Woodworking Show in Dulles Expo Center last Saturday. Captial Yarns is on the same location where the Dulles Expo Center is. I could not resist but told my DH that I rather go to LYS over the Woodworking Show. I walked over and fell in love with the store because they carry Nashua Handknits books!!!!! I was sooooo excited and drooled by looking at the book for 20 minutes. I decided to buy it but no yarns for the cardigan but four "perfect" yarns for the socks for my DH! As soon as we got home, I immediately looked up my yarn stash to see if there is any good yarn for the cardigan and FOUND perfect yarns that I brought from Stitch DC last year. I knited a swatch and checked the gauge. Perfect!!! I'm ready to go!

So what I did last two days - of course, I was in bed and knitted that cardigan all night after long day of nap. I'm in love with the silky tweed but it's hard on my wrist from knitting small and thin strings. I could knit faster on knit side but knit slow on purl side!

Sock News!!

It is time for me to reveal to you the world why I'm so addicted to sock knitting.

I shall leave you all with a photo of the Sock Yarn Hall of Shame!! I could not believe that I kept buying or ordering the sock yarns. Now I must STOP buying more sock yarns because from I could see this basket, there may be about 20 pairs of socks that wait for me to knit! I'm so glad that I joined the Project Spectrum and plan to knit one or two pairs of socks based on monthly color. I have enough sock yarns for next 5 months! I'm done knitting the mate one for the orange sock and am going to save to share with you on April Project Spectrum!

Happy Hump Day and Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!!


At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Jerri Lyn said...

I've officially decided to quit school so I can knit more often. *sigh* You are making me so jealous ... wish I had the time to knit! I'm still working on my SOCK from the KOIGU you gave me eons ago. I still haven't seamed my sisters sweater, I still have that hot pink cable sweater on the needles (untouched), and I still have a zillions things I want to knit ... and SCHOOL IS IN THE WAY!!!!! *sniffling* (And I miss my DEAREST friend Sue and our knitting adventures!) BOOOOO HOOOOOO HOOOOO!
(And I've not touched my BLOG since ... forever!)

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Sue said...

After rotar cuff surgery last year I managed to "pin" my arm securly to me and started knitting after only a few days. I was so bored at home with nothing but the TV to keep me company.

My hand knit sock collection is huge. They are the only socks my Granddaughter won't borrow. I love them because I make them to fit perfectly and with diabetic feet that's a big plus. I also make tiny ones of the brightest colors I can find for baby gifts because the bright colors amuse them and frazzeled Mom's can find them easily in a full basket of laundry. ;)


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