Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Me at WORK makes me DULL!

It's 6:05 p.m. and I'm still at work!!!! No pictures this time!

It's Spring Break week!!! I don't understand why I'm still overwhelmed at work!!! I'm so glad that the students are not around on campus but my workload is suffering the most. I wish I could have times to catch up all the paperwork and organize my files but I spent last two days in meetings, meetings and meetings!!!!! Hopefully, I will find some times to catch up my work this week.

I have to stay here till 7 p.m. to meet with apartment residents to update them about incoming emergency preparedness drill. Yes, we conduct the drills two or three times a year.

My old college classmate/roommate Marfy from Texas is here this week. It is so good to see her. We went out to Mexican restuarant last night with other old roommate of mine, Mary catching up all the news. They were my bridemaids for my wedding. We will get together again for a long weekend!! I hope I can teach her how to knit...I doubt she is willing to learn!!! She is into scrapbooking world and her artwork amazes me!!

Four more days to go..... why am I sooooo NERVOUS???? Four more days to go.... Jerri Lyn already made an appointment for my haircut and will be there for my emotional support!! Marfy and Mary will be there, as well!!! One thing you don't know about me is I'm so scared of haircuts! I would freak out every time the stylist cut my hair. I would be hussy fit and make the sytlist nervous cutting my hair. Don't ask me why? Jerri Lyn knows me for 15 years and my hairstyle is the EXACT same for 18 years!!!! I'm so sick and tired of my hair. My hair is actually real straight, thin and oily. I always get my hair perm for years and years and sadly, I use hairspray to stiff my hair up!!! I told Jerri Lyn that I give up and will let Jerri Lyn's stylist to do my hair. I will NOT decide what style I should wear, how many inches off and tell him what I would like to do with my hair. I will sit and shut up. I will let the stylist DECIDE what he thinks! Jerri Lyn already warned him about me and told him NOT to listen me! I guess Jerri Lyn may be right. (maybe I should blame her if I'm not happy with my hair!!!) Jerri Lyn, no worry and I still love you!!! So FOUR more days to go!!! I'm kinda of exicted but very very very NERVOUS!!!!!! I promise I will take some pictures of me - before - during - and after!!! Maybe I should take one or two shots of whisky before go over to the salon!!!! Wish me good luck!!

Oh oh oh....knitting news!!! Last two days, I have been obsessed knitting preemies' caps for the hospital. Jerri Lyn forwarded me her friend's message asking her friends to knit more preemies/newborns cap for the hospital. They are out of caps and would love to accept more caps. I immediately go for it. Jerri Lyn and I went over to All About Yarn last Sunday and brought some yarns. I already made four caps so far and plan to knit more caps this week. I wish I have camera with me but I will take pictures this week to show you. It sure makes me feel so great about giving back to community who are in need for caps, blankets, scarves and teddy bears. I plan to make some blankets and give it to Project Linus.

I better stop and get ready for the meeting at 7 p.m. tonight. Happy Knitting!!


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