Sunday, March 19, 2006

New Hair, Caps and Socks!!

All curls are gone for good!!!

I took myself a snap before heading to a salon. I had last perm. (please ignore my double chin!)

I met Mark, my hairstylist. He was so nice and made me so relaxed. I really liked him so much. Jerri Lyn was not very nice because she laughed and laughed hard standing next to me while talking with Mark. She knew I was so nervous wreck about haircut!! Mark played with my hair and decided that he would not cut much off from my hair. He didn't think short hair and bang would look good on me but left my hair little longer and cut the most of my top hair off. hair is really straight and layered. I'm not sure if I like the front but LOVE the back of my hair!!! I don't need to use hot curler but I have to learn how to brush my hair through blowdryer.

Here are my dearest friends.... Marfy, Jerri Lyn, Mary and me at Cheesecake Factory. They were there witnessing my haircut and went out for lunch celebrating my overcome fear of haircut. They really like my hair and I have to get used to new change, especially very straight hair. We spent all afternoon pigging with appetizers and sandwiches!! I had so much fun spending with my friends. Marfy is leaving back home in Houston today. Sure miss her so much!!!

Knitting News......................

Here are the preemie caps that I have been knitting for our local hospital. I used four different patterns and they were found in the internet. Feel free to use them!!

Knitted Preemie Hat
Knit-Baby Hat
Preemie Hat Pattern
Spiral Preemie Cap

Real Sock Confession time!!!

My name is Susan and I'm sock addicted!!! I have four unfinished sock - yes, four DIFFERENT socks! I'm a really scattered knitter!! I can't focus on one project these days.

The orange sock I'm knitting is in my tote bag that I carry to work everyday. The yellow sock is in the living room where I sit and watch tv. The bright orange sock and blue/purple sock I knit are found in my bedroom...just right next to my bed.

Seems that I could not stay in one sock to finish but jump around with different socks!! I get bored easily on one pattern. I must NOT knit other sock till I finish four socks along with second pieces!

Seems that I want to knit EVERY project NOW. I want to knit with every different type of yarn, NOW!! I want each one of the million projects I have started to be done, NOW!!! Am I only knitter who feel this way? Is there any excellent support group for knitters out there?

What can I do? Nah...I'm not going to stop but keep knitting!!!!


At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks GREAT! Even the front.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger J. said...

I think your hair looks great too! Good for you. I am loving the socks as well, hopefully they will all get mates soon

At 4:03 PM, Blogger nmblefngrs said...

Love the Hair!


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