Saturday, April 01, 2006

The FLASH!!!

Flashin' the Stash!!!! Today is the day of many knitters have decided to "FLASH their stashes". I'm doing it because I need a reality check!!! It is time for me to clean the drawers, closets, and baskets, find missing yarns, make priorities on what to make and weed out of yarns.

Mom and Jerri Lyn , please do not drop your jaw and scream "Susan!!!". I'm coming out of the Hall of Shame. My dear DH is very much aware of my deepest dark secret and keep telling me "Why????". I always give him many good reasons!!! Wink!!! There's so much promise, yet so little time to actually do anything.

So brace yourself and enjoy looking at my stash!!!

Remember this picture of my sock yarns I showed you two days ago, I decided to sort them out on my bed.... so there they are!!!!
I counted the sock yarns to make 45 pairs!!!! Sighs!!! I admit that I'm really out of control!!!

Stroll down to the yarnland.......

Not pretty sight!!! My DH is not too happy to see them on the floor in my craft room!!!
These yarns are found in the closet.
Another stash are found in other closet.
More yarns are in the drawers.
Karabella Aurora 8 (10 of them) I got from my dear colleague for X-mas. I have not decided what pattern should I make with.
Designated for a project but not yet started!!!

From top row at left to right-
Schoelle and Stahl: Hobby mit Merino yarn - secret gift to someone
Rowan All Season Cotton - secret gift to someone
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed - secret gift to someone
Noro - Kureyon - which will be a Gloria.
From middle row
Green Mountain Spinnery 2 ply yarn (light grey)- which will be a Slip-Stitch cardigan
Green Mountain Spinnery 2 ply yarns (brown) - which will be "The Spinnery Jacket"
Peace Fleece - which will be another Everyday Cardigan
Last Row
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - which will be a Hourglass Sweater.
Colinette Giotto - which will be a Cate Wrap Cardigan
Green Mountain Spinnery 2 ply yarn (neutral) - secret gift to someone

Dalegarn: Dale Sisik yarns which will be a Balmoral sweater
Dalegarn: Dale Sisik yarns which will be a Aberdeen sweater
Casade Yarns - Ecological Wool - which will be Sport Zippered Pullover sweater

Four cones of yarns that I ordered through E-bay two years ago. Chenille yarn, Varigated Bounce yarn, two tweedy wool yarns. I'm thinking to use this to make shawls.
My favorite yarns - Manos del Uruguay One is I'm working on So Called Scarf.
Four clean bags: that I got from E-bay: Rowan Summer Tweed, Berroco Softtwist, Rowan Calmer, Rowan Magpie Tweed. I have not decided to what to knit yet.
Circle of Colorful Cotton Chenille yarns!!! I brought some yarns from Sandy two weeks ago and got them two nights ago. Sugar N' Cream and Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton yarns are in the middle. I plan to make more washcloths and dishcloths.

Why did I buy these yarns??? Don't ask me!! I will sell these yarns in the near future. I told you I had a problem!

Thank you for stopping to see my stash, now please show me your stash! Happy International Flash the Stash 2006!!!!

Three more things I want to show you..... I got three packages from the mailman yesterday!

Awwww...... my mom sent me a beautiful preemie cap. She wanted to contribute it with few preemie caps I'm working to give to the hospital. Thank you, Mom!!! Sighs...what am I doing? I brought two BEEEEEE-AAAA-UUUIIITFUL yarns from Mama-E.
I've been getting ready for April's Project Spectrum... love orange and yellow!!

I got the wooden sock blockers that I ordered from the Chappywoman.

Now, I have to do the spring cleaning!!! It's 76 degrees outside!!! So beautiful but windy!

Happy Knitting!!!!


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Rhonda said...

nice stash ... happiness is a well stocked knitter! And you must certainly be happy, lol.

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Susan said...

Whoo! Another Susan with a awesome Stash!

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Susan, I just came by to ask you a question about sock knitting and now I know why... I must have been guided by a higher power... It is time for a yarn intervention Susan. You know we all care about and want you to be, which is why we want you to get help....
ha ha.
You may be able to knit enough socks from sock yarnto keep the feet of an entire third world nation!

I have alway wanted to knit socks but I had never found a way that is comfortable enough to try - Now I have found these little short double pointed needles of wood that seem to really help - I was usuing old metal ones before. I do know and have tried the magic loop and the two circular needles but they never really grabbed me. So, what do you use?

your old secret pal,

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

Very, very nice ;o)

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Well, I don't feel quite so bad about all my Stash. I figure there's enough in my closet that my Granddaughters can hassel over it after I'm gone. Unless of course, I last a l-o-n-g- time.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Sue S. said...

SSSSUUUUUUEEEEEE......where were all the yarns located???? I didnt see all those yarns in your craft room. Oh boy, now I see about your poor DH.

You are a fabulous knitter and a great help with my knitting.

thanks for sharing.


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