Friday, June 16, 2006

Ahhhh!! TIGF!!!

We finally found the patio set we like. Took us almost a year to look for the right one for our deck. I really love it so much especially my DH put the wood in the middle of the table for the bonfire at night. Really cool!!! I could sit there and knit all night long!!!

Superfancy Potholder Loop Rug
Source: Mason & Dixon Knitting book
10 bags of potholder loops
Needle Size 35
This project was FAST and FUN!! It should take me a day to finish it but I didn't finish up the last half way after knitting first half as soon as the loops arrived in the mail.two weeks ago. I finally finished it up last night after cleaning in the living room. It would be perfect mat in the bathroom but my DH thought it is too much colorful for our master bathroom. It's really comfortable standing on the mat. Hmm...not sure if I should keep it or give it to someone who would like to have colorful bathroom!

Tomorrow, my DH and I will go Kiparoo Farm's Annual Yarn and Ice Cream Day in Adamstown. It's about 45 minutes drive from our house. I brought their pattern for the shawl at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last month and would like to buy their yarns for the shawl but they were out of the colors I like. We're going there tomorrow morning and hope to buy the yarns I like for the shawl.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay COOL! It's going to be HOT weekend here!

Happy Knitting!!!


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