Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday Weekend Recap

Yup... I turned 45 years old yesterday and feel more younger than ever!!! Wink!!!! Very relaxing weekend for me but the weather was unbelievable HOT and HUMID!!!

I took a day off last Friday to pamper myself for the day. I went to Today's Images for spa pedicure.

Yesterday we went to Orioles game playing against Chicago White Sox with our friends. Beautiful afternoon but HOT HOT HOT day.

I knitted the sock!! I was hoping to finish it at the game but it was so hot that my hands were sweating badly. I didn't finish it as I was hoping for!

I was hoping to stay home all day today but I had to go to work all afternoon to get ready for the trainings. I will be going to Bethany Beach with the group for the Peer Advisor Retreat starting this Saturday for one week.

My Darling Hubby in MID-LIFE Crisis!!!!

My hubby along with my friend, Bev riding joyfully!!!! They brought Harley bikes!!!

He practiced riding around the parking lot several times before he hit on the road.

Isn't he look so happy with his new toy!!! He loves it so much!!

Now.... I'm so serious trying to finish the socks for the August Project Spectrum!! Soooo much work to do and very little time!!! Sighs!!!! Summer is over for me because tomorrow is first day of student workers' training! Waaaaahhh!!! I didn't have any summer vacation at all but hopefully my boss will approve my request to take few days off in September and October.

Happy Knitting!!!


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday, I LOVE having a pedicure myself.

Not only do we have the same last name, but your birthday is the same day as my father-in-law, and two days before mine. Of course you're WAY older than me (a whole 12 months and a day or so!).
Anyhow, a belated Happy Birthday to you.

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

Happy, happy, happy belated birthday Susan! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the sock, it's coming along nicely. The pattern is gorgeous! And the Harley...WOW! I love motorcycles and can't wait until I can justify having my own. Just one question...where's YOURS??? LOL

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Lolly said...

Happy belated birthday!!

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Kerry said...

Hey lady! Where are you hiding these days? I hope all is well and that you're just busy. :-)



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