Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to.....

my DAD!!!!! He turned 76 years old today!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday, dear Daddy!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I miss you so much and wish we could be with you to celebrate your birthday. You are in our thoughts!!! You look sooooo FABULOUS!!!!

(this picture was taken last December)

I'm at Fontana Village, North Carolina with my DH. Spent all day driving around the skyline and "Tail of the Dragon" route with 110 owners of Honda S2000. The weather is so unpredictable...sunny, cloudy, foggy, thunderstorm, rainy and sunny ...start all over all day!!! Good thing, that the internet is working in our hotel so I can send birthday greeting to my dad!!!!

We will be back home tomorrow night....will share more news on Monday!!!


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