Monday, September 25, 2006


This blogspot actually ATE my post!!!! It took me too long to load the pictures and the page timed out!!! It's almost midnight and I'm not going to try this once again tonight! I will try again this week. (Note to self: save each picture before post other picture!)

We got back home safely last night and I'm so glad to be home and sleep on my OWN bed!!! I didn't knit much in last few days. My DH complained so much when the fibers from the yarn I knitted flying around in the car that he kept scratching his nose! It was so hard for me to put my knitting projects away and stared on the road. We stopped at Target and brought two books to read. I actually finished two books by the time we arrived back home.

Talk more soon.... I'm sooooo tired from working long day today!!

Good night and Happy Knitting!!!


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