Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yesterday was GOOD day!!!!

REASONS? Very Productive Day!

1.) The weather was so fabulous!!!!! Real warm and sunny!!!!!

2.) I had turkey hot dog on the grill for lunch. Really yummy!!!

3.) I spent all morning cleaning the rooms.

4.) Knitting group came over to my house!

5.) I taught Caroline how to knit! She did a GREAT job learning how to cast on.

6.) We sat and knitted outside on the deck - breezy nice weather!

7.) We chatted and laughed!

8.) I knitted 7 inches into the body all night.

9.) I had a glass of red wine after dinner.

10.) I had a very relaxing day!

Caroline winded her new skein that she brought from Brook Farm at the Stitches East last week.

Isn't Jerri Lyn look soooo serious? She is working on sweater.

Caroline seemed to enjoy casting on the needles. She is left-handed and it seems real hard to teach her how to knit but she picked up it real fast. I suggested her to practice knitting the dishcloth.

I was working on the vest for my DH. I completed 9 inches into the body. 5 more inches to go before the armholes decrease!

It's a dark and rainy day today....totally opposite from yesterday's weather! I didn't do much as much as I did yesterday but dined out with our friends at Luna C Grille for dinner.

I can't wait to see my sister in Boston this Thursday.

I think I heard my knitting project screaming for me. Happy Knitting!!!!


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