Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a crabby weather......

The weather here is so crappy and I'm crabby with bad sinus infections since yesterday morning. I did nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep all day yesterday and again all morning today. I'm trying to get knitting mood and turn out real slooooow....

Here are my progress..... (I have been jumping around three projects)

Twisty Turn Wrap.... approximately 160 rows to go!! Yup... It should be in established pattern to a total of 336 rows.

Last night, I found unfinished project that I have been hidden it two years ago when I made few major mistakes. The yarns I brought from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival two years ago are so pretty. I ribbed it all the way and started it all over. Oh boy, I didn't realize it's faster to knit with. Hopefully it will finished in time for my DH to wear during the wintertime.

I have also been working on my fetching's... I started one last week and took me a day to finish it and started the second one before I went to Stitches East. I use Araucania Nature Wool yarn to make the fingerless glove.

 is the sock that I completed on October 31st for Sockoberfest.
My DH doesn't like the stripe ones but like the feeling of the yarn. He will try them on once they are dry.

So...Happy Hump Day!!! And....Happy Knitting!!!! I hope to finish the Twisty Turn Wrap this weekend.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

Is that bria rose yarn wool/alpaca in the first picture?? If so, I just finished their poncho.


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