Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Okay...I'm so lousy in blogging but more news to share....

Seems that I'm having trouble open my blog lately. The new verison blogger is now giving me the option of switching over but I'm afraid to lose all of my old posts. For a person who has technology challenge, I have very little faith in the technology sometimes.

So anyway, here are some news-newsy....

My DH was so proud of me that I decided to put down all Xmas tree and decorations last Saturday. I normally take tree down on the day of Superbowl Day. Sighs!!... so plain here but I've added all the snowmen collection around the house. Still feel so festive in the house!

Move over Santas....snowmen are here!!!!

Call me CRAZY!!!? I do miss snow so much. No snow here since last February 2006! So strange that we had warm temperature lately. I actually had cookout dinner last weekend! I do hope that we have some snow this year!!!

First Finished Object for the Year....

I completed it in two days two weeks ago. I thought this would be a great gift for my friend's daughter who will turn 18 years old next month. She loves to wear scraf on her head. I used Magallanes 100% Wool - Hand dyed by Aracucania Yarns (Chile). Very soft yarn and pretty green shades.

I decided to make one more Calorimetry along with Fetching that match with the head scarf. I really love them so much. I'm sure that my friend's daughter would love them.
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool
Color: Black (code #11)
Needles: Denise needles size 8 for the calorimetry and size 6 for the fingerless gloves

I will definitely make more in the future.

Everyday Cardigan

I'm soooo ALMOST done!!! I finally seamed them up and added button bands. No buttons yet!!! I need to go to the store and buy some buttons. I'm so glad that I finally got around to finish it after neglecting it for a year and half!! Isn't that shame? I don't know why I didn't pick it up right away last year/
I promise you that I will have my DH taking picture of me wearing it as soon as I get the buttons.

Update on Kolvsa sweater...the pieces are blocking now!

Two weeks ago, I was knitting it like a madwoman. I realized that I messed up the front piece. I was supposed to add 2 inches longer like I did for the back piece. I had to RIPPPPPPPPPP and knitted it up fast. Another major "very same" mistake on front piece again!!! I was so MAD and RIPPPPPPPED it all over. I put it away for a week. Last Sunday, I finally picked it up and knitted it slowly and carefully. The pieces look so right this time. I soaked and blocked the pieces last night. Geez...these pieces were sooo harsh smell that I could not describe. Trust me, it was so nasty smell. I resoaked the pieces in the sink for a while with some wool soap this afternoon. Seems the smell is better now. I can't wait to seam them up and knit the cowl piece together....definitely this weekend!!!

On the Needles....

Here's the progress on the first Monkey sock, all ready for the "kitchener" stitching. This project is very fast and easy to memorize. I purchased the yarn from Woolarina last year. Very lovely yarn!

Knitting Books
With the money my in-laws gave me for Christmas last month, I bought these three knitting books from Amazon.

I used "post-it" on some pages for my future projects. A lot of "ohhhhs" and "ahhhhhs" there!!

Better go and watch the audition parts in "American Idol" in a few minutes. I'm going to knit the second sock after finishing the kitchener stitch on first sock.

Happy Knitting!!!


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