Thursday, December 28, 2006

Curly Sue is here!!!

From straight hair .....

to Curly Sue!

Yup...I finally got my hair perm today after waiting two long years!!! I like my hair curly more than straight hair. I can control my curly hair than straight hair!! My hair is real stink right now from the "chemical" shampoo. It will take a few days to get the "smelly" out. I'm happy cuz nooooo more straight oily uncontrollable hair!!

Oh oh can I forget this.... My mom asked me if I ever finished the vest for my DH. I realized that I have not shared this with you. Remember I mentioned that I was out of the yarn and ordered it more through online. I waited for a week to get the yarn. I didn't pay attention the yarn. I started knitting few rows and realized that something is really wrong here.!!!

Sorry, it's blurry but you could see the top row are very thin than last part of the row. I looked at the yarn and compared it with the other yarn.

Geez....the new yarn has more twist than other. Grrrr!!! I knitted few more rows to see if it can be overlooked but I realized it looks so different. I asked my friend, Jerri Lyn to see if she notices anything. She immediately noticed it and said it is wrong yarn....slight different color. Grrrr...again!!! Sadly, the vest is not ready for my DH to wear it! I have to call the owner to see if the yarn can be exchanged to right one. I promise I will finish it (*somehow*).

I'm soooo lazy today and didn't do much around the house I should but knitting all afternoon. I'm working on Kolsva Cowl sweater. I brought the Kocharon yarns last year and have not decided what to make till I saw Lolly's sweater. Exactly same color I have in the stash. I really like the design so much. I don't know if it would look good on me. If not, I have someone in my mind who may like it. I finished the back piece and am working on front piece.

Tomorrow, I will talk more about my "Knitting List of Shame" and knitting resolution.

Happy Knitting!!!


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Lolly said...

Your hair looks great! :) I wish mine was curlier! I am happy to see that you are doing Kolsva too!


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