Sunday, January 21, 2007

Two Reasons Why I'm smiling right now!!

It?s Snowing!!!! This is what greeted us at 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, when I looked out the window.

Finished Object!!!!


Pattern: "Kolsva" from Noro Revisited
Designer: Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Yarn: Noro Kochoran #17 colorway
Needles: Size US 9 (Lantern Moon straight needles and Addi Turbo circular needle)
Started: December 28, 2006
Finished: January 22, 2007

I tried it on and it fits me just fine! I'm so self-conscious with the horizontal strips top that make me look so big! I think I would look better if I lose 20-30 lbs. I really like the cowl one so much.
My final thought about Kolsva sweater - it was so quick and easy. I would recommend any new knitter to try this. I would mind to knit it again with the solid color. Maybe I would go for tweed brown yarns. Hmmm....I'm going to add on my wishlist!

Sorry, it's blurry and dark! I tried to get it more clear several times but no luck. My own label tag for my sweater!!! "Hand Knits With Love By: Susan Hanrahan" I ordered the label tag two years ago. I could not remember which company but I know it was from England. I forgot all about the label tags till I cleaned the drawer two weeks ago. Perfect timing!!! I sewed the labels on my green "everyday cardigan" and Kolsva sweater.

Now....what's next??? I think the purple "Everyday Cardigan" is screaming for my attention!!

Stay warm and Happy Knitting!!!!


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