Sunday, August 28, 2005

Here are VERY SLOW W(s)IP!!

First, I want to show you what I got for my birthday from my parents. My own blockers!!! Perfect tools for my space board. My mother told me that she ordered it before my birthday and learned that the blockers are backordered for 3 weeks. I finally recieved it last week. Thanks, Mom and Dad!!!! I know this will be useful for my blocking projects.

Here is my second sock that I'm working today. Three more inches to go!! My socks are laying on my favorite chair. I sat there all day today watching "Shall We Dance" and "Gone with the Wind" movies.

I finally started knitting Bellini Lace Shawl from Morehouse Merino that I brought at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last May. I brought Lantern Moon needles at Indiana few weeks ago and I really love the wooden needles!

I started learning how to knit Intarsia. It was not easy as I thought. I have to pay attention to the pattern at all times. No way for me to carry it to anywhere whereever I want to knit. This project has to stay in one place so I can pay attention to the pattern very carefully.

My poor Soleil has been neglected since first week of August. No progress but I will comfort it as soon as I finish the sock tonight. Maybe I will add short sleeves on that top so I can wear it soon. Shall we see?

I feel so SLOW with my knitting projects. I spent all day in bed yesterday trying to recover from lack of sleep all week. Am looking forward to a long Labor weekend this weekend. I hope I will have more time knitting. I told my DH that I really miss going to camping. It depends on the weather. Hurriance Katrina is coming here later this week and I don't know if the weather will clear up this weekend.


At 7:06 PM, Anonymous Jerri Lyn said...

Sue, I'm so jealous! How do you find time for all these projects? That intarsia is gorgeous ... you have to show me how you did that one. I want to learn fair isle ... at the rate you are going, you'll be teaching ME! *grins* Beautiful work as always!


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