Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My SP5 is the BEST pal in the world!!!

Do you know why my SP5 is the BEST person in the world? She KNOWS what I need badly.... LICORICE!!!!!!!!! Two bags of licorice candies from Holland and Licorice Altoids!! I thought I die and gone to HEAVEN! Oh boy, you have to tell me where did you find the licorice altoids? I looked for it in every stores.

And the whole bean of DELICIOUS Starbuck coffee!!!! Ohhhhhhhh.... I'm soooo excited!!!! She knows me very well! I'm addicted to Starbuck coffee!

I'm so happy to put the newest coffee beans along with my collections of flavored coffee in the freezer.

Thank you so much, SP5 from the bottom of my heart!! You are the BEST!!! You made my day!


At 6:51 AM, Anonymous jerrilyn said...

Nice freezer shot! *ha* You are too funny.


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